I’m a creative guy based in Cincinnati, OH. Photography, music, writing, and humor are just a few of the things that I enjoy. I have links to some of my social media pages and work up top, and there will be more links to follow.

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I love to take fun and creative photos. Mostly cosplay and portraits, but a little bit of everything. I’m always looking for something new to broaden my horizons. I’m very collaborative and love for sessions to capture the personality of the subject. Well, when I’m working with people anyway. I guess a landscape can have a personality. I won’t tell it what it can and can’t have.

I started writing ballads at age 14. Since that time, I’ve written the lyrics for over 1000 songs. Too bad I’m not nearly as good of a musician as I wish I was. I’ve performed both R&B and Hip-Hop in my years, but don’t do a lot of performing these days. I do, however, still love to write lyrics and make songs. Hopefully I can write for others more in the future.

Why am I holding a classic children’s poetry book? Research! I’m actually writing a similar book myself. Shel Silverstein wrote some of the books I loved most when I was young. It’d be amazing to think of someone saying that about something I write. I’ll have updates as it develops.

I write jokes and sketches, but I guess I’m also a ‘content creator’. I’ve only done a stand-up set once, but it actually went pretty well. Most of the videos I make mix humor with music and/or geeky stuff. I am a huge fan of wordplay and I do enjoy a quality pun. Check out what I’ve created and let me know what you think!